raw art journaling

i decided to enroll in an online course for art journaling, since i feel like i have kind of lost my way on that front.  it was free for the course, you just had to buy the book, which i probably would have bought anyway, since i love looking at books on journaling.

the way the yahoo group is set-up seems much more organized than other groups i have been in, and the people on the site seem supportive.

they post assignments once a  week, then you share your results with the group as you complete them.

of course i am already behind (it is the first week) because some of my cohabitants make it very hard to pull out the art supplies and get things done….

if you want to read about the class, and maybe join up, i think that is still possible, here is the link.  i think it would be fun to do this alongside some folks that i know.  maybe darkstarburning?

pictures of progress later!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to raw art journaling

  1. Narelle says:

    Hey phrogmom

    You beat me to it – I was going to do a post on this too. I really like how it’s all been set up, and the Raw Art Journaling book is the best I’ve seen on art journaling, especially for beginners and people who doubt their ability.

    I know I should do the activities but I always find lots of reasons not to…

  2. Thanks Phrogmom, for posting this. I think Jacqui closed the class, but she is highly organized, and may well be saving names for another one. Narelle, thanks so much for the kind comments on my book. Yes, I wrote the book for many beginners–those who doubt their talent, those who don’t know that art makes meaning in their lives, those that are tired of taking classes where you follow instructions and assemble something that looks just like the instructor’s piece. This book is for beginners’ mind–those who want to explore and experiment freely.

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