flying solo

all good things must come to an end….wow, that is kind of depressingly pessimistic isn’t it?  is that really true?  erg, let’s not dwell on it.

what i mean is, summer vacation, at least for mr p, has come to an end. and so after being spoiled by having a partner in child wrangling, i am back to solo kid management for the greater part of the day.

while it has had its moments, it is actually better than it was last year.  somehow both boys have managed to double their energy level in that time,  especially the squirm.  he has been a wild man lately.  i am definitely looking forward to a little cooler weather, when we can spend our morning expending some energy in the great outdoors.

as it is we are somewhat trapped in the great indoors to keep from burning alive.  we ventured across the street to the park this morning with the squirt’s pt, and it was so hot that even the squirm was begging to come back home.

so we have been trying to make our own fun with our toys and watercolors.  we met mr p for lunch today, which was a nice diversion.

there is still a week and half before the squirm goes back to school, and even then it will only be a half day this year.

it will be nice to have a balance of play time and school time.  of course my dream is that once the squirm is off on the bus, the squirt will take a nap and we will have mommy time too!


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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