hitting the wall of jello

this summer i have been careening along, enjoying some very fun books.  i have been dipping into the lives of vampires, werewolves, and even fossil hunters!  all breezy reading.

so when i opened up neal stephenson’s anathem and started reading, it felt like my mind had hit a wall of jello.  the book is described as “hard science fiction.”  and i know that probably isn’t intended to describe the effort required to read it, but wow, what a change!

the descriptions of the architecture are dense, and stephenson created a whole new language for the book, so many of the words are unrecognizable, requiring the reader to guess at their meaning from the context.

i haven’t let that stop me, and i continue to progress through the book’s  980 pages.  although, i read in a review that the true plot isn’t revealed until 200 pages in, so i think i am still in the set up….very curious to see what it is all leading up to!


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4 Responses to hitting the wall of jello

  1. Narelle says:

    if I was going to read something that difficult i would probably choose a textbook! i have a Freud reader that i’m slowly getting through that has the same amount of complexity and length.

    sounds interesting though, i’m keen to hear what you get out of it.

    i have started reading Fallen. it hasn’t grabbed me yet, so i’m reading a few pages a day,

  2. That seems like too much work. I like complicated words as much as the next gal, but I tend to prefer classics for that. When I`m not reading something well known and loved, I tend to use easy books to relax. You know, books only 600 or so pages, that uses official English words. I tend to not like Sci- Fi as well, so that may be affecting my feelings for the book.

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