how to have a crunchier period

ok boys, fair warning, this post might not be for you.  i won’t be a bit offended if you click away to another blog at this point, because it is time for a little girl talk.

we all grow up terrified of MENSTRUATION!  a fear nurtured by school nurses and health classes and our mothers’ brittle enthusiasm towards “becoming a woman.”

of course i don’t really remember talking about it much with my mom.  i was younger than most girls in my class, and a “late bloomer.”  so i had plenty of first-hand info from my bff and other girls at school.

was i scared?  well the bff had pretty bad cramps, and that kind of freaked me out.  the refuse in girls’ bathrooms grossed me out, but i was mostly just relieved it hadn’t happened to me yet.

i am old enough that when i was a teenager, the shadow of the sanitary belt still cast a pall over feminine hygiene.  i didn’t have to use one, but there were still reference in current novels and health literature to something that looked and sounded like a headgear, only worse.

but when the time came for me, (despite being at my grandmother’s when i got my period for the first time and unearthing a dusty box of kotex tampons that you inserted using a wooden stick) i had access to all the modern feminine hygiene supplies.  (well, they were modern then, obviously pads have continued to evolve over the last 25 years and young girls would have snorted at what we called “thin”)

so, why, after 25 years of using the same products, would i rock the boat?  well, thanks to the internet, my horizons have been substantially broadened since i was a teenager.

it started with the cloth diapers i use on the boys.  a step that brought me deep into a crunchy mama fold i had only flirted with before.  i am sure some of you will roll your eyes at what seems like hippy propaganda about dangerous chemicals being worn on our babies disposable diaper clad heineys.

not to mention the impact of thousands of plastic diapers hitting the landfills, each one taking 500 years to break down. so imagine taking those same chemicals and sitting on them yourself.  or worse, shoving them up your…..well, you know what i mean!

and it doesn’t hurt that the cloth diapers are cute!  so, of course i started with reusable mama pads, because, well….they are cute too.  and soft, not that i spend lots of time rubbing around on them, well parts of me do.  they are cute and colorful and certainly not threatening.

pads from homestead emporium.

but, as a woman cursed with a very heavy and non-cooperative menstrual cycle, pads were not enough.

i had to seriously consider what i was going to have to do to have a green period, and my solution was the lunette menstrual cup.  i can feel some of you cringing at the thought, right?

i have to admit that i was as nervous about using the lunette this week, as i was about using tampons back when i was 14.  but, i read a lot of articles and blogs that assured me that it was going to be comfortable and improve my overall period experience.

so, armed with my mama cloth and my lunette, i had my entire period, from start to finish, without using a single disposable product.  i was pleasantly surprised!  i didn’t experience my usual double-me over style abdominal cramping and i didn’t ruin a single pair of underpants.

while it all felt a little awkward and strange, it certainly wasn’t any more “trouble” than using traditional products.

conclusion:  thumbs up to the crunchy period!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to how to have a crunchier period

  1. Haha.. some good cringe-worthy bits in this post 😀 I recently tried mooncupping myself and whilst it works well for me the terror of potentially losing it still makes me nervous lol Re-usable pads still make me wince a bit. Silly, eh?

  2. ericavsyeast says:

    I’ve read this three times while browsing over your posts. Not only do I love the context but I love the way it was written.

    • phrogmom says:

      Thanks erica! I am proud to say that I have had three complete cycles and used no disposable fem hygiene products! I might be developing an addiction to cute mamacloth though.

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