four little monkeys jumping on the bed….

most of you know, i am one of those crunchy, cloth diapering, breast feeding, co-sleeping kind of mamas.  i love cuddling with the babies and i am so glad i got a chance to do it.  mr p has been very supportive about it, even though i sense it might not have been his first choice.

but, time marches on and the squirm has  become comfortable going to sleep in his big boy bed, without either one of us lying down with him.  i thought perhaps this was an good time to introduce the idea to the squirt as well.  so i got him a futon and new sheets and pillows and set up his own cozy nook in his very own room.

i thought i would start with napping in his room, since it is likely to be light when he wakes up and less scary:

day one:  it took me an hour to get him to sleep, and then he only slept for about 45 minutes, even though i was in there reading.

day two:  fell right to sleep, but only slept about an hour.

day three:  took an hour to get to sleep, and then slept an hour and a half.

day four:  again, an hour to settle, but he has been sleeping for two hours now!!

i recognize that part of the problem is that is super easy for him to crawl off his futon and investigate things in the room, but i am hoping the novelty will wear off and sleep will prevail.


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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