books: shadow bound

when i started reading this one, i couldn’t really remember what it was supposed to be about (not surprising).  what it ended up being, was a strange mash-up of impending apocalypse a la the passage, by justin cronin (featuring soul sucking wraiths out to eat the life force of the general population), and an urban fantasy novel by charles de lint (fairies living among us).

while there was an element of cheese running throughout, the opening scene featuring fairy seduction was a little over the top for me, and i don’t really need a detailed description of the male lead’s rippling muscles.  it was still entertaining enough that i finished it.  in fact, the wraiths were even creepy enough that i was kind of creeped out reading it in the dark before bed.  recommended with reservations (like if you could check it out of the library for free).

after finishing shadow bound, i started remarkable creatures.  i haven’t gotten too far, but i am enjoying the characters and i am wishing i was out on an english beach looking for fossils and taking the air.

anybody reading anything good?

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5 Responses to books: shadow bound

  1. Narelle says:

    I’m not as speedy as you, but about four months ago, I read Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. Give me anything with wolves in it and I’ll be transfixed. It’s probably a novel for adolescents (but it had wolves in it). The story kept me interested to the end. There is now the second book out, Forever, but I haven’t got that yet.

    Have you read Fallen by Lauren Kate? I’m thinking that’s the next book I’ll read.

    Christopher Paolini’s last book in the Eragon series will be out in November!

    • phrogmom says:

      the cover of fallen is beautiful, but the reviews make me a little nervous. i haven’t started the eragon series, is it good? i got sucked into the description of shiver, so i just downloaded it for kindle 🙂

      • Narelle says:

        I have just ordered Fallen (in paper), so I will let you know. I like the dark angel thing. On the weekend I watched a movie called Gabriel. It’s an Australian movie made in 2007. Very dark and bizarre.

        I loved (x100) the Eragon series. Couldn’t put it down. Read the three books in a week, which is unusual for me because I just don’t read that fast. I was so disappointed when I finished them because I could have read forever, and other books just weren’t as interesting. Great character development. Sort of an easy to read version of Tolkien, with dragons!

        I want to get the second shiver book but it’s still too expensive. Hope you enjoy it!

        And I still want to get the book called Watercolours. Books here are very expensive and I don’t have a kindle. I have a monthly spending limit on books.

        They’ve just started screening a tv show here called “Being Human”. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts. Quirky story.

        Nice chatting with you.

      • phrogmom says:

        yeah, i have been exceeding my kindle budget a little this summer, but we aren’t going on vacation or anything, so it is a reasonable price for entertainment.

        i think the one i downloaded is the first in the series, not the third (forever?). did you read the second?

        do you have a good library? ours isn’t that great once you are finished with the mysteries…

        being human is on here too. i think the british version has had a few seasons, then the sci fi channel made a u.s. version. i didn’t get to watch any of them though. i have been watching true blood though.

        i’ll look into the eragon series. thanks for the input!!

  2. Narelle says:

    Sorry, I was getting confused… I read Shiver. Yes, the next one is Linger and the third is Forever. I haven’t read the second or third.

    We don’t use the library as much as we should. Although, I don’t like the deadlines and the having to return it bit. I tend to buy books, and our house is filled with books. There are bookshelves lining every wall – Kindle would be less dusty for sure.

    Ah, I didn’t know there was a British “Being Human”. I’ll have to look out for it.

    Interesting how the Americans make their own versions of British shows. They did the same with “Life on Mars”. We liked both versions, so we had a double helping.

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