festive fourth

the kids started off the day with their usual park trip.  mr p was nice enough to leave me home so i could work on some artist trading cards with looming deadlines.

it turned out the kids were kind of tired of the heat too, so they spent most of their time in walmart.

we don’t usually do much in the way of holidays.  i guess since we are kind of a young family, we haven’t had time to establish any traditions.

how much is that baby in the window?

we ended up doing what we normally do on a holiday, we went to dinner at papa and jojo’s.  while the original plan was to have ribs, beans and bbq, the last minute nature of our planning took us down a different path.   we ended up feasting on sauteed tilapia, steamed green beans, and rice.

squirm looking cool at papa and jojo's

our original plan had been to hide from any and all fireworks, since there are two members of our household who aren’t much into booms (one human, one canine).  however, we were so sugared up from a delicious dessert, that we decided to chance it.  we plopped the mini-men into their strollers and headed off through the golf course to find a place to see the show.

through the twilight we rolled, and despite a brief, but soggy, encounter with the golf course sprinkler system, we arrived at the top of hill unscathed and just in time for the first blooms.  as jojo would say, kids are like snowflakes, and while the squirm reacted with anxiety, the squirt soon grew restless and needed additional entertainment.

all in all, a fun fourth of july!





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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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