flipping the pages

i am about halfway through the second installment in a series featuring young heroine, flavia deluce.  what a great name right?  she is the youngest of three sisters that live in rural england with their father (an avid stamp collector).  the oldest spends all her time looking in the mirror, the middle with her nose in a book, and flavia kind of runs rampant doing chemistry experiments and solving crimes.

when i was on amazon looking for the image of this novel, i was very excited to see that the next installment is already out!  yay!

my next book though, will probably be another one my mom selected, based on a recommendation from someone in her yoga class.  i read another novel by munroe called ‘time is a river,’ and enjoyed it.

although ‘the hangman’s daughter’ looks promising as well.  i will keep you guys posted!

feel free to share your summer book reviews with me!  i am always looking for a good book!


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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One Response to flipping the pages

  1. hakea says:

    You are a speedy reader!

    I have my eye on a book called Watercolours. It is set in Australia about an artistic boy. The arty cover was instantly appealing.

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