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hitting the wall of jello

this summer i have been careening along, enjoying some very fun books.  i have been dipping into the lives of vampires, werewolves, and even fossil hunters!  all breezy reading. so when i opened up neal stephenson’s anathem and started reading, … Continue reading

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the prodigal cat has returned, or been recaptured?  you probably don’t hear me mention snack much, since he hasn’t really been home much.  i believe it is because he prefers the company of other cats to toddlers and dogs, so … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

how i wish this was me!! 

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summer style!

sometimes he is just too cute!!

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well, despite our good intentions, the summer has turned out to be a bit…dull.  i mostly blame the heat, what kind of fun can you really have with two little kids when it is over 100 degrees day after day?  … Continue reading

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weekly photo challenge: colorful

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sucked in!

you have probably guessed that i love to read!  i also love to discuss books, and hear about what other people have been reading.  my blog buddy hakea, has provided me with some great recommendations. because i am also a … Continue reading

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how to have a crunchier period

ok boys, fair warning, this post might not be for you.  i won’t be a bit offended if you click away to another blog at this point, because it is time for a little girl talk. we all grow up … Continue reading

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nap resistance


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four little monkeys jumping on the bed….

most of you know, i am one of those crunchy, cloth diapering, breast feeding, co-sleeping kind of mamas.  i love cuddling with the babies and i am so glad i got a chance to do it.  mr p has been … Continue reading

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