plunging into the world of commerce

on a more positive note (sorry for the previous whiny post) my tshirt business has dramatically increased!

<—— happy customers in matching shirts!

i have been doing lots of customs.  it is a little bit of a bummer that people are more interested in copies of existing band logos and album covers, than original artwork, but hey!  a person has to start somewhere.  i have been able to design some cool music inspired alphabet shirts.

i also have been asked to do some collaborations with one of the diaper makers that i really love, mamatutu.  there are a couple of popular fabrics, and i made t-shirts that will match the diapers she made.

the first collaboration was inspired by a fabric that was made famous by its scarcity in the goodmama world.  the original diaper was called “schubert style” and there are only a handful of them out there and they are much sought after.

i had mr p check out the fabric we found to see if it is really schubert, and apparently it is more of a design than actual music. i decided to stay true to the spirit though, and use real schubert for my t-shirt.  i scanned a sonata in c minor.  the original looks a little more like real music.

i have also been trying to work on setting up an online store, to help keep track of orders, process payments, etc…i think i am figuring it out.  definitely a work in progress though.  i used one of the squirm’s art works for my background image.

my next goal is to figure out how to but a button in my sidebar that takes people to the store…..


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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One Response to plunging into the world of commerce

  1. Congratualtions. This is great news. Good for you. 🙂

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