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it is HOT!

well, it is hot.  really hot.  the kind of hot where it is 90 degrees at 9 o’clock at night. despite all of our attempts to play it cool, it doesn’t take long for the family to get overheated.  we … Continue reading

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new books

i ended up really enjoying ‘broken for you.’  the characters really grew on me, and i always like a story with constantly evolving connections that the characters themselves aren’t always aware of.  this probably reflects my struggles with my mood, … Continue reading


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weekly photo challenge: refreshing

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put one foot in front of the other…

just a little update on the squirt’s walking… it is funny, the squirm took three steps and he was off running, but squirty goes about it methodically.  you can see him practice little parts of the puzzle.  one day he … Continue reading

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william wants a doll

anyone else out there a baby/child in the late 60’s and grow up listening to the “free to be you and me” album?  it was a favorite in our house, and from it i learned that boys could have dolls … Continue reading

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plunging into the world of commerce

on a more positive note (sorry for the previous whiny post) my tshirt business has dramatically increased! <—— happy customers in matching shirts! i have been doing lots of customs.  it is a little bit of a bummer that people … Continue reading

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weekly photo challenge: worn

yup, i am feeling worn to a nub.  i think maybe it is a combination of fatigue, pms, unrelenting heat, even great lack of me time….i dunno.  either way it has left me feeling like a wrung out dirty rag.

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quick tribute to mr p

  happy father’s day mr p!  the boys and i are more than lucky to have you in our little tribe.  you are the best hubby and dad a mom and kids could ask for!!

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owl swap, atc’s

i managed to get my act together to participate in another artist trading card swap.  this one was a direct exchange.  the way it is usually done is someone hosts a particular swap, everyone sends their cards to that person.  … Continue reading

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books: i forgot one!

i forgot to mention another book i read and really enjoyed.  the second in the hunger games series, catching fire!  this is a series written for young adults, but i have found the first two books captivating.  i can’t wait … Continue reading

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