weekend fun

despite threats of stormy weather all weekend long (and nary a drop), we were able to enjoy plenty of outdoor fun.

saturday we had the first pool party of the season.  i got a brand new swimsuit for the occasion! ok, so it was a walmart special, “instantly slimming” matronly sarong suit.  instantly slimming my fanny!  i think the suit’s strategy was to distract viewers from the hips and thighs by providing extra cleavage.

as it turned out, i was so busy frantically chasing the squirm around the pool to make sure he didn’t fall into to the deep water that i was able to completely forget i was wearing a swimsuit at all!

since i needed both hands, there was a large body of water and small children, and i was wearing a swim suit, no photographs were taken of the event.

sunday morning we decided to try to beat the heat and make an early morning run to the head start playground.  i love taking the kids there since the play equipment is age-appropriate, there is shade, and it is fenced.  plus the squirm knows it well and is comfortable there.

the play house was a huge hit with both kids, making me wish we had one for our yard.

the squirt really enjoyed himself as well, and he even did a couple of passes behind a walker!!  woohoo!!  i think the shredded tire surface slows down the wheels a little, plus provides a safe landing for wipeouts.  it was so exciting to see him walking!!  even if it was only a few steps.  i was so surprised i didn’t even get a photo.

something about the pool party made me realize that i haven’t been getting out enough.  it was surprisingly elevating to my spirits just to have a few hours of new scenery.  hopefully the summer will hold lots of out-of -home adventures!

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to weekend fun

  1. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I think we all need summer and outdoor activity. Great photo’s sweetie.

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Summer is so much fun, and it *is* easier to get out and about. I think we feel like doing more too. LOL at the scene in the pool and reasons for no photos. 🙂

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