home surgery

even the folks without young kids probably recognize this guy?  disney marketing is ruthless!  (usually, although where is all the cars merch when i need it??)  when toy story three came out, buzz lightyear was everywhere from the produce department, to the toy department to who knows where else.

while my guys are a little young for toy story 3, they are both huge fans of the earlier films.  we were extra excited about buzz because he was the first character that the squirm could recognize and name off the screen too!

this is one in a fairly long line of buzz lightyears that have passed through our house.  we lost the first one, the second lost his head, but #3 here has made it for quite some time.  he was especially popular because he talks really loud and his wings pop open with the push of a button!

i guess we have overused the wing feature, because now poor buzz has a wing hanging by a thread (literally).

as the resident toy surgeon, i have examined buzz and i can’t come up with any way to save the wing.  should i amputate??

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to home surgery

  1. Poor Buzz. Use your own professional judgement on action. Do you have a therapist in the wings as amputation is quite traumatic!

  2. E.C. says:

    I like Buzz, I’m sad to hear his wing is on it’s last leg. lol Sorry I couldn’t resist. 😉
    I think you should use your best judgement, if there’s a chance of it being a danger to your little guys then I think you should amputate. I think Buzz would understand.

  3. Yep, amputate in case he swallows it 🙂

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