new art journal technique!

so, the lovely mr p gave me this awesome book for mother’s day.  i LOVE picture books, especially pictures of journals, or artist trading cards, or collages, or photographs….well, you get the picture (ha!)  it is just inspiring to see new work and new techniques.

after the crazy day that was yesterday, (let’s just say it was bad enough that i called my doc’s office and asked to go back on my zoloft) i needed some art therapy.  so i decided to go for it and try out one of the techniques in the new book.

i have always been really interested in image transfer, but since i can’t afford a Polaroid that can do pull apart film at this time, i have been searching for a relative non-toxic, do at home transfer to hold me off.

this method only required ink jet printing and gloss gel medium, things i definitely have access too!

first you make your print, and cut out what you want to transfer.

then coat the printed paper with gloss gel medium and plop it gel down onto your journal page.  smooth it out with a brayer or old gift card.  i used my old st. agnes teacher id.  ah, the memories…..

then let it dry completely.  get a small bowl of water, wet your fingers and rub the back of the paper the picture was printed on.  it will ball up and come off.  *warning, after several washings, my fingers are still stained blue-green this morning, plus it was kind of abrasive.  i am wondering if an old rag could be used instead of fingers.

when the image is revealed, wipe the page with a damp cloth and voila!  now it looks so cool that i don’t know what to do next!!

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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1 Response to new art journal technique!

  1. nrhatch says:

    Neat trick!

    Enjoy the book! Art is wonderful therapy.

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