running around like a zombie chicken

because zombie chickens can do magical things with their heads cut off, or so my friend at dark star burning thinks 🙂  in fact, although we have never met, i thought of her during our mother’s day trip to the zoo.

you might recall that on a previous trip to the zoo, we met and photographed a zombie zoo chicken?  well, now there are baby zombie zoo chickens!  a whole herd of them running amok in the zoo, not at all afraid of people!

the squirm especially enjoyed seeing the mom and chicks. i think it was probably the highlight of the zoo trip.

so be careful out there folks, zombie zoo chickens have learned to reproduce!!  happy mother’s day!

About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to running around like a zombie chicken

  1. cocomino says:

    happy mother’s day.My daughters also like chicken.

  2. nrhatch says:

    I enjoy watching baby ducks and chicks. Hope your mom’s day rocked!

  3. E.C. says:

    Well, I’ll be, I never knew there was such a critter as a zombie chicken. lol Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your fun time at the zoo.
    I hope your Mother’s day was filled with giggles and hugs! 🙂

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