oopsie daisy

it was a sunny warm afternoon, so of course it seemed like the perfect time to take the kids out to play in the backyard.

it was also blowing a gale, so i wasn’t able to enjoy my fancy new umbrella, but i digress.

the boys and i got appropriately wet and muddy.  the hose was investigated, mud pies were generated, and mama was sweating her @^% off.

we beat a hasty retreat to the porch where we have shade, a ceiling fan and a tent.  i got the wet clothes off and dry diapers put on.

for me, one of the pros to having a late potty trainer, is that at least the squirm hasn’t figured out how, or at least he hasn’t had the motivation to, disrobe and cause mayhem around the house.  i’ve heard some stories from other mammas and frankly i am not sure i am prepared for what could happen.

welllllll, clearly i am wrong about the ability or intention, because he was out of that sucker within 10 minutes.  damn you velcro!

and the result of all this? one very shocked little boy, and this……i guess maybe it is time for me to invest in a potty.

About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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