yard pests

my dedication to organic yard vegetables is slowly eroding.  these guys are chowing down on my cabbage and broccoli and it is kind of pissing me off!  ok, it is really pissing me off.  i guess i need to search online for a minimally poisonous way to get rid of them.  either that or let go of my dream of feeding the gang with freshly grown veggies from the backyard.

it does look like we are about to get a squash though.  and mr stripey is giant!  he has had lots of flowers, but no tomatoes yet.  i might have to put in some more squash, since it seems to like our yard.

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  1. I don’t know much about gardening but I think there are natural ways to keep those bugs away. I hope someone reading your blog can make good suggestions!

  2. When our children were small, we lived in a small town in CT and had an awesome “backyard” with 100 blueberry bushes and a big vegetable garden. I also went the natural way…check out online organic gardening sites…you might get some good alternatives. I used to fill a spray bottle with water and a non-toxic liquid soap (if I remember correctly..it’s been a while) and I would spray the plants every day to wash off the pests. Once we had some kind of caterpillar type problem…I paid my little ones and their friends a penny a caterpillar and they happily plucked all the hungry leaf-eaters from the plants and collected them in jars. 🙂

    Bugs aside, your garden looks WONDERFUL…CONGRATULATIONS!!! Homegrown food is really special…I miss it.

  3. hakea says:

    Hi Phrogmom

    Might be a good idea to find a website or get a good book on bugs.

    Ladybirds as we call them here, are extremely beneficial insects as they eat aphids. Baby ladybirds look like fuzzy little grey guys and in this form they eat aphids too.

    They are also really susceptible to any kind of spray, even a natural one. If you see ladybirds around then I wouldn’t be spraying anything.

    Some writers on organic gardening say that if there is a proliferation of one type of insect then nature is out of balance and sprays (even natural ones) are going to make that worse. Sometimes you have to be patient for the balance to be achieved. The aphids love my roses. I squish some of the aphids (not all) with my fingers (wear disposable gloves if you need to) until the cavalry (ladybirds) arrives. If I killed all of the aphids there would no reason for the ladybirds to come.

    Aphids and black ants have a symbiotic relationship where the aphids ooze some sticky sweet stuff out of their rear end and the black ants protect the aphids, icky but cool.

    Here’s the tricky bit, some ladybirds don’t eat aphids they eat other ladybirds, so you have to know the difference. I relocate the offenders. Caterpillars get to our grapevines and I relocate those little suckers as well.

    Many years ago, I was growing a big plot of strawberries. Snails and slugs love strawberries too. I did some research. Our native slugs and snails eat the English snails. If I had declared war on all snails I would have been killing the good ones. I was a full-on hippy back then, had done lots of reading about Findhorn in Scotland, and declared to the snails that they could eat half the strawberries and I could have the other half – it worked. I had enough strawberries to keep me happy.

    Do some research on the bugs, their function, their friends, their foes. It’s really interesting and fun. Going organic means understanding our place in the world too.

    Best Wishes

    • phrogmom says:

      wow, thanks for all the info! i haven’t seen ladybugs yet, hopefully they show up soon and swoop down and save us. and hopefully squirting the plants with water and 7th gen dishwashing soap doesn’t trigger the end of the backyard universe!

  4. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Yep, hakea beat me to it…again! 🙂

  5. hakea says:

    Top photo – yellow and black dude – looks like a ladybird to me.

    Spraying with soaps strips the bugs (including the good ones) of their natural oils and kills ’em. Same as pyrethrins – doesn’t discriminate – kills the good ones.

    I saw an interview with the captain of the Greenpeace vessel that saves all the whales from the Japanese. He said something like…

    Humans think they own the world and that they can live without all the creatures. Bees and insects can live without humans, but humans can’t live without bees and insects.

    Pollinating bees are having a hard time at the moment. They are being decimated by predator bees and illness. If all the bees disappeared, we would run out of food within three months. Important little dudes.

    Sorry for the doom and gloom, but it puts things into perspective. Your backyard truly is a universe.

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