the squirm’s big day

how strange that this day will unfold without me there to witness!  surely the squirm isn’t old enough to go through big changes in his routine without me there to observe or hand hold??  but that day is here.

since the squirm has officially turned three, today begins his experience in the school system.  he will no longer get services from ECI and instead will attend a half day special ed preschool (PPCD) at the elementary school.  because things have been going so well at early head start, he will continue to play with his friends there in the mornings, then the school bus (!) will pick him up from head start at 11:30 and deliver him to the new school.

i wish i could be there with him when the bus comes.   i talked to him about it, we looked at pictures of buses.  but part of me is terrified that he is going to be really scared when it happens.

a complete stranger is coming to get him in a vehicle he has never really even seen up close, to take him to a place he has been once and probably doesn’t really remember!  he might freak out!  or hopefully he is so enchanted by the bus that he loves it!

either way, i know if he sees me he is going to want to come home, so i am staying away.  late this afternoon this bus will bring him home!

i am really excited about the program, the squirm has been doing A LOT more talking and i think having a professional to work with him is really going to help.  i wish we had more than 5 weeks of class, but every little bit helps i think.

i also made the squirm’s lunch for the first time today.  instead of eating (or more likely not eating) at head start, he will have lunch with his new class in the  school cafeteria.  of course he HAD to have the frog lunch box, which i highly recommend, as it is just as cute in person as it is in the picture.

after MUCH (more than necessary) deliberation.  i ended up packing milo cheese cubes, apple slices, craisins, rolled up ham slices, sunflower seeds, wheat thins, a capri sun and teddy grahams for dessert.

did you know there are whole blogs out there dedicated to packing super cool and creative lunch boxes?!?!? i have seen some amazing things!


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6 Responses to the squirm’s big day

  1. Oh that so brings back me to thoughts of the first day ….thanks for the memory!

  2. hakea says:

    Wow, what a BIG day for both of you.

    Kids have an amazing capacity to surprise their folks, and he will probably do brilliantly. A bus trip is very cool for kids. If it goes well, imagine how he will puff himself up with pride.

    What an amazing lunch box you packed. My first son was so miserable about attending school initially (away from his beloved brother), I found the only thing I could do to make it alright was pack a lunchbox full of love. Now my boys are older they only want food they can eat quickly so they don’t miss a minute of play time.

    Another milestone! Something to scrapbook or art journal?

  3. barb19 says:

    You will probably be more upset than him – that’s usually the case! When mom isn’t there, they are fine! But I know you will be worrying about him all day until you collect him from the bus! Perfectly natural – then he will talk your head off about the exciting day he has just had!
    I’m hoping to see a follow up post about his first day!

  4. kaet says:

    I hope it’s gone really really well. I love the lunchbox!

  5. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Buses are coolness personified for kids. Hope it all goes well, and that is a great lunchbox. 🙂

  6. E.C. says:

    Aw, I know how you feel. I hope your son and you had a successful first day. 🙂
    I think that’s one of the best lunchboxes I’ve ever seen. 😉

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