churn churn churn

some of you know that i have been in and out of the doc’s office the last few months.  this hasn’t been the best experience for me, since juggling the kids and the finances makes this kind of thing difficult.

i did find a doctor that i like a lot, and who is sympathetic to the lack of insurance issues.  so far none of the meds she has prescibed have been more than $5.

i guess our temporary working hypothesis is that i have PCOS. for me, the biggest problem, in addition to disastrous visits from aunt flo, seems to be insulin resistance.  this can lead to fatigue, weight gain (esp around the middle), brain fogginess, high blood pressure (let’s not even discuss what mine was last visit), the onset of type 2 diabetes, and “Due to the deranged metabolism resulting from insulin resistance, psychological effects, including depression, are not uncommon.”

sorry, i had to include the quote because it makes me laugh a little to think of my metabolism as deranged,  especially since i have suspected that all along! i started taking glucophage last night.

i also got a new antidepressant to try (i switched from zoloft to celexa) and between these two drugs i am feeling highly off my game.  what i first assumed to be pms, i know think is celexa inspired rage.  funny how drugs used to treat some traits can actually cause them in some people.  let me just say that it has made it difficult to be the parent i want to be.  it also makes me dizzy, something i hate.

what is the #1 side effect for glucophage?  dizziness, followed by nausea and diarrhea!  let me just say that today has been a wonderful day of turbulent moods and digestion.  so gentle reader, please bear with me and hopefully i will be back to my normal self asap!


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10 Responses to churn churn churn

  1. I so hope you are feeling better sounds like such a roller coaster ride!

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Thinking of you…none of that sounds much fun.

  3. nrhatch says:

    Feel better soon.

  4. liannouwen says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Theresa says:

    Ugh, really hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. eof737 says:

    Do feel better soon. 🙂

  7. donnahuebsch says:

    A “deranged metabolism” – sometimes medical jargon is humorous without meaning to be! Hope you feel better soon!

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