on the subject of quilts

sometimes i feel like i use my blog as a notebook of sorts.  when i see things online that amaze and astound me, and that i want to revisit, posting them here gives me a way to find them again.

i have been following balzer design’s blog since the beginning of the year when i signed up for her art journal challenge.  i had no idea that her blog would be inspiring on so many fronts.

she has been prepping for a class on sewing, and since i think it might be either a web class or a dvd, i should probably look into it, since i could use the help.  anyway, because of the upcoming class, she has been posting some pictures of sewing projects and today she posted this awesome bug quilt she made!

fortunately for mr p (who isn’t a fan of insects) the boys aren’t really into bugs (yet), but the idea of the stitched bugs in the border (see above)  is something i think could translate into any subject matter! plus i love the way they almost look sketched?  quilts are handmade, shouldn’t we see the hand of the maker?

i have gotten as far as piling up my fabric on the table, and today i hope to do some cutting.  eek!  above quilt pictures were borrowed from balzer designs and of course the fabric mess is mine.  *grin*

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to on the subject of quilts

  1. donnahuebsch says:

    I have always loved quilts and have been a wannabe quilter my whole life :o) What a cute idea the stitched bugs are!

  2. Connie T says:

    Her quilt is cute but I agree, a fish would be easy and cuter than a bug. The big one in the middle looks like a roach and seeing a roach crawling across the floor freeks me out, because if there is one, there are usually more hiding. I don’t think I would put a roach blanket on my bed. But a fish, something easy to sew, or a duck, that would be cute. I wish I knew how to make a quilt.

  3. eof737 says:

    Pretty cool quilt… and quite colorful too. 🙂
    Finally catching up after taking time out to handle offline stuff. 🙂

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