taking the good and the bad in stride

i am inspired to write this post by a new blog friend, Life in Kawagoe.  his original blog can be found here.

this lady and her canine companion were parked opposite me at the grocery store this morning

i woke up this morning feeling good (and by good i mean sleepy) and optimistic about getting back on our school schedule.  i was resoundingly overwhelmed by the resulting day, but i want to sort it out.  fortunately a lot of the good stuff happened at the end of the day.  so besides feeling exhausted, i think i will go to bed with warm fuzzies about the day as a whole. of course there are still quite a few hours until bed time.

the good: (1) the squirm got a new teacher at school and it didn’t seem to bother him a bit. (2) the squirm came home and drank apple juice out of a CUP!  i know it seems minor, but it is major. (3) my snow peas and sugarsnaps continue to sprout, carrying me one step closer to home-grown veggies for dinner. (4) i am making my dad an amazing birthday dinner (smothered pork chops, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, stir fried cabbage and peach cobbler) and i really can’t wait to eat it! (5) finger painting!

the bad: (1) the squirt is on some kind of nap strike that makes him highly whinosaurus. (2) the eci ladies have decided that squirticus also shows signs of autism and recommend i rush him to a pediatric neurologist for intervention.  maybe i am completely in denial, but as she said “you are so smart, i am sure you have been thinking this too….”  i thought, uh, no, not really…. (3) it has been one of those days where everything i attempt to touch, hang up, pick up, cook, or repair either falls, blows away, spills, burns, breaks, or spontaneously combusts.  this kind of thing makes me highly cranky.

as scarlet would say, tomorrow is another day!!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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9 Responses to taking the good and the bad in stride

  1. nrhatch says:

    Wow! That’s some day!

    You pack more life into a day than I do in a week. Glad that the day ended on a high night so you can go to bed with warm fuzzy feelings and optimism for tomorrow.

  2. cocomino says:

    Thank you for mention me. 🙂
    How cute the child is.
    That’s intersting.
    You can find many intersting things in daily life.

  3. kaet says:

    Whatever diagnoses your kids might or might not end up with, we can see you do great things with them. And well done for seeing all the positives and putting them first. Lately when I’ve been down I’ve had a hard time thinking of much else, and it’s important.

  4. solodialogue says:

    Found you through Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation. Looking around I can see your focus is everything in your life and not the specialized area of your boys. I want you to know that my son also has the diagnosis. He is almost 5 and our lives with autism is my focus. So if you ever want to talk about it, I’m here! Love all your many posts. Will be back! (Your boys are adorable!)

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