keeping the momentum

the thing about a weekly challenge, it happens every week!

i was cruising my favorite blogs, and the 52 week project blog mentioned that their participants were losing momentum.  i know it happens, life is hectic, and mine is no exception.  i have completely let my art journal fall by the wayside.  fortunately anything with pictures comes easily for me, and i have been snapping self-portraits like crazy.

i have been trying to think of some advice/encouragement i could give people on the fence about joining, or struggling to keep going.

here are a couple of ideas i had for people who are uncomfortable taking pictures of themselves.  shoot in black and white, everything and everyone looks cooler.  use your pets and kids in the pictures.  help yourself to the wealth of cool apps (both on the phone and online) to artsy-fy your pictures.  snap away without attempting to be serious or spending a lot of time setting things up.  i find all that pre-planning to be daunting, plus i get disappointed when things don’t turn out like i hoped.  better to be pleasantly surprised.

i also think it is a good idea to find other blogs or artists to inspire you.  i know seeing other people’s self-portraits always gives me a kick in the pants to go take some.

don’t be afraid to go low tech.  the best camera for you, or me, or anyone, is the one we will actually carry with us.  regardless of whether it has the latest bells and whistles.  if i had access to a darkroom, i would definitely go back to using black and white film!

play play play.  with the advent of digital, you can take pictures like crazy without wasting money.  take a bazillion pictures, look at them later.  you never know what you might have caught.

here are some online resources for manipulating photos: the lo-fi app, old picture effect creator, and the holganizer.  i am particularly taken with the hipstamatic app for the iphone.  the above pic was taken with incredibooth.

About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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4 Responses to keeping the momentum

  1. barb19 says:

    Great tips and encouragement from you, thank you; I’m sure it will help many who might be struggling with the challenge.

  2. Hmmm black and white would make me look alot better…have you tried changing the colours to sepia?

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