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choking on zeros

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happy birthday to my bff

i talk a lot on here about not having any friends, but when i whine about that, i mean that i don’t have any friends here.  in addition to having a couple of friends left in houston, and some ladies … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

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visual vday summary

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a sense of self

well, i had grand intentions for a post on self-portraiture today. it was going to be chock full of interesting art-historical details and inspiring examples of self-portraits by some of my favorite photographers. unfortunately life intervened, squirticus had no interest … Continue reading

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the weekend of the haircut

We decided this weekend to finally face up to the haircutting issue for the squirm. Between toddler-hood and autism, it was something we weren’t sure how to manage. We finally resolved to hold on to him and clipper him at … Continue reading

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laundry monster

when i saw this, i just had to post it.  i think it sums up the situation around here prefectly 🙂

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weekly photo challenge: curiosity

how did this get in here???

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finding the fun in friday

well, a day that started off ok, ended by testing this mama’s patience.  anytime there is dual screaming, and especially if it starts because i can’t get ‘cars’ playing fast enough, i get kind of growly.  so instead let me … Continue reading

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tough start thursday

i hate to even blog about this again, lest it appear that i am flogging a dead horse, but wow this morning was a rough one for the squirm.  getting him dressed rendered him inconsolable for the duration of the … Continue reading

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