weekly photo challenge: curiosity

how did this get in here???


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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7 Responses to weekly photo challenge: curiosity

  1. nrhatch says:


    “Hey! Move it bud. The line’s a-waiting.” 😉

  2. kloppenmum says:

    I love you have a bald baby. Ours were all bald until they were about 15 months. I’m now convinced real babies have no hair and the others are just imitations. Cool pic, too.

  3. hakea says:

    you captured the moment beautifully

  4. eof737 says:

    The perfectly shaped head… Oh so adorable! 🙂
    I have subscribed to your blog… I thought I had already but did it again!

  5. kaet says:

    I have to take more photos of my baby. She does have plenty of hair, though…

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