tough start thursday

i hate to even blog about this again, lest it appear that i am flogging a dead horse, but wow this morning was a rough one for the squirm.  getting him dressed rendered him inconsolable for the duration of the car loading, driving and delivery process.  it hurt my heart.

after that lovely experience, i had to take the squirticus with me to the doctor’s office.  i noticed the other night that my eyebrows are falling out.  of course i zipped right over to my trusty computer and oh my gosh, voila!

“”Hertzoge’s sign” is loss of hair on the outer third of the eyebrow. This is sometimes associated with low thyroid conditions (hypothyroidism) or endocrine imbalances.”  well, my mom has graves disease, and the doc tells me that 40% of children of moms with graves will develop thyroid problems.  plus, if it can be simply diagnosed, i think low thyroid can be fixed quickly and easily and could lead to renewed vigor for the phrogmom.

so i dragged my trusty sidekick into the clinic for a chat with the doc.  he confirmed that yes, it could be thyroid.  of course most of the other symptoms can be explained away:  fatigue (2 kids under 3), weight gain (birthday cake), dry skin (winter), abnormal menstrual cycle (all my life), decreased libido (did i mention 2 kids under 3?)…

just for giggles we decided to do the reflexes, because i guess one of the symptoms is slow relaxing reflexes.  the initial kick is normal, but i guess it takes the leg longer to get back to its original state.

i think my doc reads a lot, because he seems very aware of statistics and technical elements of germ warfare.  and i think he was genuinely tickled that my reflexes seemed slow relaxing.  i don’t mean to make it sound wrong of him, in fact i thought it was kind of cute that he was excited to see something he had read about, actually present!

since i don’t have medical insurance, i didn’t get the full range of tests done, and i appreciated the doc picking the ones he thought most important.  off squirticus and i went to the bloodletters (who are very nice ladies and don’t look a thing like this picture, visual hyperbole).

unfortunately for the squirt, his 12 month bloodwork never got done because they didn’t manage to squeeze enough of the red stuff out his foot.  i had been avoiding taking him back in, but they caught us, so we got a family special on poking.

phew, all over but the waiting!

more later on my valentines bean bag project!

About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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7 Responses to tough start thursday

  1. hakea says:

    Hi Phrogmom

    Mamadandelion wrote a post about the link between her depression and thyroid problems. It’s an interesting read

  2. nrhatch says:

    Love the names for your kids and the graphics you chose to illustrate your humorous piece.

  3. kaet says:

    I hope the test results are helpful, and that anything they find is minimal and easily fixable!

  4. Dr. Skeptic says:

    The so-called “hung up” ankle jerk/reflex, eh? Interesting.

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