cool people – george booth

“George Booth, the New Yorker‘s sage of disorder”

that would be a super cool headline right, for an article about me?  “phrogmom, the new yorker’s sage of disorder.”  of course it is probably a little late in life for me to aspire to getting published in the new yorker.  i do think that if i got a cartoon series going, i could probably get published in some of the local papers out here.  surely being a retired newspaper editor has some perks?  right?

what the heck would i write about though? does anyone else feel like their projects are limited to visual or written?  i have a hard time, or maybe i have a fear of, combining to the two. in college i went back and forth between creative writing and visual arts, never really combining the two.

“Words fall out of characters’ mouths with a sweet, nutty authenticity that comes straight from life.”

that is the key right?  with dialogue?  it has to seem real, and not forced.  and the other thing, there isn’t much space to make your point, so you have to work on the one liner.  i don’t know if i could be funny in such a small space….

my stepmom suggests i write a cartoon about grandparents….only i don’t really know anything about that.  maybe we need a collaboration, where she comes up with the content and i illustrate it.  it would be easier for me to write about being a mom, but there isn’t too much of a market out here for that, as the general population is tending more to the retired set.

we don’t get the newspaper,or the new yorker (which would probably be too heavy for me, unless they had a cartoon only issue), but there is a cartoon i read daily.  i have it emailed to my inbox and it never fails to make me chuckle.

so, i will be adding george booth to my list of cartoonists that i need to study more.  looks like a few of his books are available to purchase, so i might have to do that.  thanks to my #1 grandmom-in-law for telling me about him.  the quotes in my blog are from this article. and i mooched a few images of cartoons from this blog.


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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3 Responses to cool people – george booth

  1. E.C. says:

    I think you would be a champ in whatever field you choose. I personally think you have a delightful sense of humor. There’s a serious side to you that speaks with wisdom in your humorous anecdotes of life. That’s a peach of a combination.
    I don’t think a person should choose between visual or written artistic expression. Each separately or both together, they have their merits.
    Thanks for another interesting posting. 🙂

  2. kaet says:

    I like good cartoons, and recently came across the Baby Blues one for the first time. I’d never come across Booth before, however. The ones I’m subscribed to are Sheldon and Unshelved.

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