under the microscope

although i am quite grateful that we have access to early childhood programs locally, it can often be an experience that leads to uncomfortable squirming.  i know all the mamas out there will get this, but it feels like they are there to evaluate me (and my questionable parenting skills) and not the boys.

today squirticus has a visit from a nutritionist who has been called in because he doesn’t really do much eating of solid food.  lucky for him i have the bosom of plenty, and so he is definitely not starving.  he certainly doesn’t put away the grub like the squirm did at his age, but since he isn’t wasting away, i haven’t really worried about it too much (ok. maybe a little, but it isn’t my biggest worry).

so i have been keeping this food log for the last three days, which has made me somewhat self-conscious about what i offer the squirt, and aware of how little of it he actually eats.  cheez-its have nutritional value right?

keeping a closer eye on him has also clued me in to why becca hasn’t really lost weight despite her diet….but that is a topic for another post.

so i am working on opening my mind to the visit, and squishing down the urge to be defensive.  i know there is room for improvement in everyone’s diet around here and suggestions are always good.




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4 Responses to under the microscope

  1. hakea says:

    Hopefully they are not being judgey, and are genuinely there to help and support.

    There is nothing worse than feeling judged. Most parents do what they can, with the energy and resources available to them.

    Unfortunately some professionals respond to a parent’s natural need to be defensive, with anger or annoyance.

    Maybe you could draw all your negative feelings about the visit?

    I was getting worried about something last night, so I took some slow, deep breaths, smiled, and thought about all the good things about the situation.

    Best Wishes

    • phrogmom says:

      thank you for the good wishes. it actually went really well, and apparently i look pretty good on paper compared to some other parents, so they thought i was doing a pretty good job 🙂 but, really, it was an enjoyable session and they gave me some good ideas of things to try, so now i am re-inspired!

      • hakea says:


        one of my young ones is fussy, really only eats meat and potatoes and the occasional banana. but every day we put tiny little amounts of vegies on his plate in the hope that one day he will eat them.

        i remember being a kid, vaguely, and everything seemed to taste so strong.

        maybe you could post the nutritionist’s recommendations on your blog so others can benefit from the advice?

        good on ya phrogmom!

  2. postadaychallenge2011 says:

    I am in the “blog Hop” so lets stay friends and support each other. My baby is now “16” going on “17” on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Keep Blogging, baby!!!!

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