the art of gratitude

i wish i had time to check in daily with all of the blogs that interest me. fortunately facebook publishes snippets from time to time, from assorted posters, and today one of them caught my eye.

the title is the thank-you note: is it still needed? i won’t rehash the contents, since you guys can click your way over there and check it out, but it did get me thinking.

of course the answer is yes (this is my blog right?  i get to decide here).  if you know me at all, you are probably going to think “easy for you to say.”  it is true that i have been brainwashed…er, taught that a thank you note is ALWAYS recquired.  my family members openly trash those who do not write them, and even threaten to stop sending gifts.


does it have to be hand-written?  while i do think a hand-written note is always the best choice, an email is far superior to the sounds of silence.

especially for gifts that travel.  we are all so spread out these days, and often time we aren’t present when our gifts arrive at the recipient’s doorstep.  i don’t know about you guys, but i want to know how they went over!

now i do realize that it is possible that i am not going to get a completely candid reaction to what i sent. i hand make a lot of my gifts and i know the fuzzy green muppet scarf might not be for everyone, but dangit, i thought it was perfect for you.

i didn’t start off with the intention of sounding naggy, and i am certainly not scolding anyone that might be reading this. (you know who you are…just kidding *grin*)  i actually wanted to celebrate the spirit of gratitude and share my love for mail.

so i want to thank you for reading this.  knowing that people actually read, helps me stay motivated to write.  it has been good for me to find a quiet place to sort out my thoughts.  if you would like a thank you note mailed to you, please let me know and i will do my best to get that out to you.

it also reminds me of things i love, but might neglect, like written correspondence and artist trading cards, and gives me ideas of what to blog about next.





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4 Responses to the art of gratitude

  1. I agree, it’s just common courtesy to send a thank you of some sort. After all, nobody *had* to send a gift, so the fact you were thought of is reason alone to be grateful 🙂

  2. E.C. says:

    I agree with you and darkstarburning about the thank you notes.
    I prefer to send actual cards and letters, but sometimes I can’t and like you I’m thankful I have email to use. It’s amazing how big of a part of our lives this electronic stuff has become. I think one of my most favorite aspects of the techy world is the blogs. I’ve learned so much from reading blogs.
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s fun, interesting and gives me food for thought too. 🙂

  3. barb19 says:

    It may be “old fashioned”, but I hope it never goes out of fashion. Receiving a handwritten Thank You note lifts your spirits and receiving it in email form is the next best thing. At least it’s an acknowledgement. Let’s hope it never dies by teaching our children the same values.
    By the way, I would like to thank you for this post! And for meeting you here!

  4. kaet says:

    Well, I’ll be the first to admit that this is something I’ve been working on. I’ve switched to an immediate email, because the hand-written notes I meant to send just never happened.

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