canine makeover

becca before

i don’t know if there is a contagious canine disease that causes these eyelid polyps, but we seem to be plagued with them.  max had one forever, and we finally bit the bullet and had his removed two years ago, along with a tooth cleaning.  an event we called max’s spa day, or his makeover.

as soon as max’s stitches were out and his scar healed up, out pops the same kind of growth on becca’s eyelid!  since  i am not the biggest fan of doggie anesthesia, and because we don’t have lots of extra money for this kind of thing, becca’s growth has been gradually increasing in size over the last two years.

it had gotten to the point where the thing looked like it might be irritating to ms b, and she needed a tooth cleaning, so merry christmas becca, a puppy spa day for you.

one day and a bazillion dollars later, here she is!

becca after


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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