budding artist?

people always say that with two artistic parents (my hubby is an amazing pianist) that the kids can’t help but be creative.  my fingers are crossed of course, and it would be amazing if the kids wanted to play music and make art.

milo does have an interest in both the piano and art supplies.  he seems more interested in crayons as objects, peelable objects i might add.  he carries his crayons around and leaves little trails of the paper around the house for his little brother to try to eat.

milo saw me painting in my art journal yesterday afternoon and kept grabbing for my brush.  i immediately set him up with his own paper, brush, bowl of water and set of watercolor paints.

he painted for almost 30 minutes and left me with this masterpiece, which is now proudly displayed on my fridge!

About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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4 Responses to budding artist?

  1. kaet says:

    He’s got a nice use of colour there.

  2. milkcan says:

    Love his masterpiece! And I’m so glad that you’re participating in Art Journal Every Day!

  3. Laurie's Ramblings says:

    I think he has done some wonderful artwork! Hope he keeps it up! Good luck on your cello lessons. I would like to take piano lessons because my mom and my stepmom are wonderful musicians and I love music and would like to be able to do more than sing. More power to you! Laurie

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