wow, it is already thursday

what to write about today….it has been a week, that is for sure.  the babies have both been under the weather and milo has been home from school for the last two days.  it has also been (for texas) miserably cold, so we have spent lots of time hunkered down on the couch watching disney movies. *yawn*

phase one of digital pinhole project (acquire body cap for digital slr) is complete.  hopefully i will have updates on this project soon.  back when i was teaching, the students and i made many pinhole cameras with cardboard boxes and oatmeal containers.  since i no longer have access to a darkroom, i am trying to go low tech with my high tech equipment.

although i didn’t get to do any work in my artjournal, i did find a photograph of this amazing ceramic bowl in a book i bought for my mom for her birthday.  i am not exactly sure why this painting/drawing resonates with me like it does, but expect to see a drawing inspired by this bowl.

the hubby and milo were up late, dealing with milo’s cough.  so i don’t know that today will be a school day for milo.  i figure i should let him sleep as long as he can!  wish me luck!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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