austin zoo

not your typical urban zoo, the austin zoo is located outside of town, off of 71 west and then down a winding road that had the hubby making jokes about being sent to a secret site for alien abduction.  the small number of cars in the parking lot didn’t do much to convince him that it was going to be cool.we ended up having a really great time.  it wasn’t crowded, and there was lots of space to run around.  the trails are a little rugged, so i think i would take a sturdier stroller next time.

we got to feed the animals (not the lions, tigers and bears, oh my!) and ride the train!  i can’t wait to go back and we are thinking about getting a family membership.  it would be a great stop an run around spot for us for trips to austin.


for more info, go here!


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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6 Responses to austin zoo

  1. lsawyer713 says:

    I love zoos like that. We have a few in Massachusetts that are just like that, where you can feed animals and see all types. We actually have a membership to the one in town. They even have a spray pad area within the zoo so that the kids can play and run around through the water in the summer. Was this a recent trip to the zoo? this would not happen for us today, it is quite cold and we are having a blizzard!! blah!

    • phrogmom says:

      we went right before christmas. it was cold for us, but definitely not a blizzard!! that doesn’t happen much down here and if it did, you can be sure i would be hiding out inside!!

  2. kaet says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Did you make the beautiful hat?

  3. hakea says:

    your little bloke is adorable!

    enjoy every minute that you can with him. the cliche “they grow up so quickly” is so so so true.

    signed: mum grieving over sending her youngest child to school in three weeks time, sniff.

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