sometimes i bewilder myself

there is this brand of cloth diapers we like….they are beautiful, squishy, absorbant, fitteds that work great under woolies.  i have maybe…8?  they are fairly pricey, but last a long time.  probably have an excellent resale value as well, although i have sworn to actually use mine, and not collect.

anyway, they post available diapers on friday, and it is quite an event.  ladies everyone sit in front of their computers, fingers poised on the refresh key, waiting to snag a cute one.  i have never done this myself of course, i mean sometimes i look and i think, if there is something available when i look, maybe i will get something…

but this week i allowed myself to get sucked into the frenzy of the stocking.  when i tuned in, there was 30 min until the store supposedly stocked.  thrity minutes turned into almost 3 hours before i threw in the towel  (only after having the diaper i was after picked out of my cart by someone with faster fingers).

i have to tell you that i walked away from it all with a bad taste in my mouth.  it pissed me off.  i felt like i wasted 3 hours that i could have spent with augie, or doing a project around the house, or anything but hitting the refresh button on my computer like a fool.

of course it is no one’s fault but my own.  i don’t need to have the latest and greatest.  these diapers are available from another company that i LOVE, and i could definitely give them the business instead.  plus, one could argue that we have more diapers now that we actually need…ah, don’t be silly!



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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to sometimes i bewilder myself

  1. kaet says:

    We haven’t gone in for any of the pretty diapers. Yet! 😉

  2. phrogmom says:

    another stocking today and i did purchase the unpopular design because hey, it wasn’t pink and we could use another one. this is evil, but i chuckled a little bit when even the faithful moms started to rumble at the price of one of the last diapers to stock. many of them couldn’t believe they had wasted 5 hours waiting for a diaper they didn’t want to pay $55 for and couldn’t get anyway. i think the owner of the company is a marketing genius, but how far can she push these mamas?

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