scootching off into the sunset

well, another one of my babies has been referred to eci for being a little behind.  i haven’t talked much here yet about milo’s speech delays, but i am sure i will at some point.  let me just say that as soon as the pediatrician pulls out that developmental checklist i get nervous. so augie is the current focus of concern, because he isn’t crawling (in the traditional style) at 12 months.  nor is he really cruising.  he has started pulling up though, which is cool.  i am not super concerned myself, but i guess with our family history of delays they didn’t want to let anyone slip through the cracks. augie can definitely get around the house, he looks more like a crab than a baby, but it is still cute.

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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  1. bev says:

    Its always difficult…..cos its best to not worry too much…so much pressure is put on our kids to be first to do each milestone as tho its some race and were poor mums if our child doesnt shine. Kids develop in their own time in their own way BUT sometimes there are problems ,small or big , and if something is ‘wrong’ we need to know so any help can be organised etc . Im sure he looks adorable and i hope hes just being a bit slow and nothing more….my youngest has several problems…nothing major but it has made his life more challenging.

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