we interrupt this wordless wednesday for a vent…

becca in a good mood

becca in a good mood

hey everyone, i am here waiting waiting waiting.  this is sadly no april fools joke, but i had a light positive on a pregnancy test, so i went to the doctor to get it verified and it was light there too.  got a blood test that did come back positive, but low, so i have to go back friday for another test to see if my numbers are rising.

for some added excitement to an already stressful day, this morning milo and I are hanging out in the kitchen like usual.  milo is snacking on some crackers and watching handy manny and i am looking through the pics that came from shutterfly…when suddenly a huge fight erupts between max and becca!

max, after a swim

max, after a swim

if that wasn’t scary enough,  then becca knocks over milo’s highchair!  fortunately it falls straight back, so his fall is kind of padded by the seat, but of course he is screaming and i am trying to reach through the snarling jaws to grab him.

So i get milo out, but becca is still trying to kill max.  so i am kicking her with my foot (i realize this isn’t a good example of pet parenting, but i was desperate that no one get hurt and i wasn’t kicking her hard) yelling “stop!” “Get outside!”  she weighs 92lbs right, so its no easy task to physically move her.  finally she disengages and trots off.

i think milo was really scared but he seemed physically ok. we played for a while and he went down for a nap.  phew!  i hope the rest of the week is more peaceful.


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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