oh shoot sunday!



so, wow, it looks like #2 kiddo might be coming our way! i haven’t been to the doc yet, but i have taken …er…several pregnancy tests and although my lines seem lighter than last time, i have lines!!

so i guess this adds a whole other dimension to my blog options…at least a whole other range of subjects.

i am pretty dang excited, and quite nervous. we talked about having another, but didn’t really expect it this quickly! i just had a mirena iud removed 6 weeks ago, and i am still breastfeeding milo, so things weren’t really “ripe” for implantation, but yet it seems i might be host to another little squirm. must be that the universe thought it was a good time!

i don’t want to get too beside myself, because we all know things can happen early on, especially for old ladies like me. plus we have the added excitement of having to navigate the medicaid system this time around, at least until mr. perfect gets a teaching job *fingers crossed* and we get some insurance.

so yeah, wish me luck!!


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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One Response to oh shoot sunday!

  1. papermasks says:

    That’s seriously awesome! Congrats!

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