favorites friday

this week for favorites friday i want to write about my best friend, stephanie.  i don’t think she gets enough credit for hanging with me for 27 years.  she was in austin this week for spring break, so milo and i had the opportunity to drive in to visit with them.  she has a baby too (as well as two older kids)!  how cool is that?!?!?  after all these years of friendship we were finally pregnant at the same time.

me (hugely bulging) and stephanie (barely bulging) comparing pregnant bellies.

me (hugely bulging) and stephanie (barely bulging) comparing pregnant bellies.

i feel like i don’t see her enough.  like i should get in the car and go see her more often, because its only 4.5 hours down the road.  i don’t know what stops me…..i think it’s partially not wanting to leave mr. pefect at home on his own.  it’s partially that i feel safe and secure here in the house and i get nervous about taking my act on the road.  i think the longer i live like a hermit, the more i become one.

anyway, i got to see her yesterday and it was great.  milo was in a really good mood and had fun seeing steph and her kids.  we went to the coolest toy store on the planet (terra toys) and i spent more money than i should have.  we had lunch at the korea house restaurant and drank iced americanos at starbucks.  we even did a photo shoot of the babies!

milo and eleanor

milo and eleanor

i guess the best thing about it was for a few hours i really felt normal and happy.

it’s harder to live without friends than i would have expected.  i mean, i have friends, but none of them live here.  so here is what i need to figure out…how can i have a social life locally?  surely i can find some other moms to hang out with a little bit right?  i just don’t know how to do it.

if i lived in a city i would join a mom’s group at a uu church, or a masters swim team, or take some mommy and me classes….but we don’t have any of that out here.  i dunno…i am open to suggestions and will let everyone know if i make progress.


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  1. I”m a computer geek and musician so most of my friends are musicians and/or computer geeks. I belong to the Highland Lakes Linux Users Group and I play one instrument or another, in one band or another, in one beer joint or another on most weekends. My wife is a computer geek and a Texas Master Gardener (she designed the website and is the webmaster for http://llanomastergardener.org/ ) so most of her friends are gardeners and/or computer geeks. In order to make friends you have to meet people. One good way to do that is to get involved with one or more real-world social groups or get a part-time job that brings you into contact with the sort of people you want to meet. Right now you’re ‘into’ being a mom so maybe you could get a part-time job at a day care center, enabling you to work with kids and meet their moms. You could also check with the library to see if there is a regional social group, or groups, relating to your hobby (or hobbies). If a part time job is out of the question and you don’t have a hobby, fine, there’s got to be something you always wanted to do. Now’s the time to give it a shot. Sometimes you just have to make stuff happen for yourself.

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