favorites friday!



this week’s “favorites friday” post deals with one of my favorite tv shows, battlestar galactica.  sadly tonight is the first of the final two episodes of the series.  *sniff*

in an effort to placate bsg fans, and keep us on the hook, the sci fi channel peeps are going to debut a new series called caprica, a prequel to bsg.  in an exciting twist of fate and technology, the only way you can see the two hour pilot for caprica in 2009, is to get it on dvd.   i guess everyone else waits until 2010 for the series to begin showing on the sci fi channel.

my finger is on the trigger (of my mouse) to special order the dvd RIGHT NOW, so i can be sure my copy gets here asap.  sure, it’s likely that if the series goes ahead, i’ll probably end up paying for the pilot again if i buy season 1 on dvd….

i don’t know, i think it’s worth $20 to me to see it this april.  with any luck it will arrive on milo’s birthday and it can be my little gift to myself for keeping him alive and well for one whole year.

the dvd can be pre-ordered now on the sci fi channel store (and probably other places) for $19.98 and it ships on april 21.  they have some really cool bsg tshirts too….i am trying to stay away.


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