fountains of cat pee

crazy cat

crazy cat

there has been a cat pee mystery going on in the house for a few weeks.  anonymous puddles of sometimes bloody cat pee have been appearing in random and inappropriate places.

since we have two cats, i wasn’t initially certain which cat was the culprit. fortunately i was able to tail rocket and catch him in the act!  congratulations rocket, you win a trip to the vet!!

in a parallel universe, the baby isn’t feeling well either, and has in fact refused to nap for one minute since waking up at 7:13 am.

needless to say, i must put the baby down elsewhere in order to wrangle rocket into a cat carrier, something i know isn’t going to go smoothly.  as soon as i step away from the door of the nursery milo starts screaming at the top of his lungs.  i decide to proceed with operation “cat in the box” anyway, despite revving adrenaline brought on by the wailing in milo’s room.

i’ve got the cat, i’ve got the box and i am beginning to realize that a traditional approach to cat insertion isn’t going to work.  after some pushing and shoving, i decide the trick is to turn the cat carrier on end, allowing gravity to help me.  you have to use your resources right?

trying to ignore milo’s escalating distress, i upend the box….and rocket, who is not at all happy about bring rump up with his head in the carrier, starts to pee.  fountains of pee, arcs of glittering smelliness, splashing on the sofa, on my hair, on the christmas stockings i never put away.

so i do what any good pet parent would do, i grab the tail and shove, HARD, until i can slam the carrier door shut.

this definitely deserves a drawing, so check back for a picture.

** readers will be glad to know that rocket has been safely treated for his bladder infection, pee has been removed from the living room, and the baby is, as i type, taking a nap **

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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to fountains of cat pee

  1. lisashapley says:

    Ah, the thrill of cats being about the house. The always find new and sometimes frightening ways to keep life interesting.

    Glad both kitty and baby are okay.

  2. lisashapley says:

    Still waiting for our drawing…*taps foot impatiently*

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