sneezy snot snot snot

why doesn't this thing work?

why doesn't this thing work?

well, i think i am cool as a cucumber, and doing a good job at being a non-hysterical first time mom at almost 40…and then milo gets sick and i turn into a basket case!  i know that was a run-on sentence, but good god, where does all the snot come from?  when do you call the doctor?  how long does it take for a baby to recover from a cold?  can a mom recover from her cold while the baby is sick?  will i ever sleep again?

here’s another thing, i think i am a reasonably intelligent gal, i am usually pretty good at solving puzzles and fixing things…but i can’t work the dang bulb syringe to save my life!  every time i try to use it, i get zero snot out of the baby’s nose, and then he proceeds to scream for an hour.  i was thinking about practicing on myself, just to see if i could get it to work.  i have plenty of snot to spare.

i just want to assure you all that i know in my rational mind that a baby probably won’t die or be permanently scarred from a bad cold, but when the snot starts flowing, i blossom into a full fledged worry wart.

ok, off to make sure he’s still breathing…..


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kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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2 Responses to sneezy snot snot snot

  1. papermasks says:

    If you figure out where all the snot comes from, let me know. When my sinuses get leaky, it makes me think my brain is just disintegrating into goo since there is no way that much snot can just sit there in my sinus cavities. It has to be coming from somewhere!

  2. I have been dealing with exactly the same thing this week. Now, the baby is so traumatized by the bulb syringe that he screams every time I set him on the changing pad because he thinks I am going to go after his snot again even though 99% of the time, I just want to change his diaper. Ugh!

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