family dynamics leads to opportunity


so, we are taking this class at our uu church called “evensong” for families.  i guess “evensong” is a curriculum they use a lot in uu churches, although i have never taken a class before.  probably i want to look at what it’s all about before this week’s class….because the point was not immediately apparent.  but i digress.

we had our first class last wednesday.  i would say….7 families assembled at the appointed hour, homework in hand.  we sang, we lit the chalice,  we went around the room sharing our drawings and some information about our families.  then the class kind of broke down as we were allowed to get up and look at everyone’s pictures and meet each other.

left handed family portrait

i really like our church, and the facilitator of this class is awesome, but i am not really sure i get what it’s all about.  for us, the benefit of doing something like this, is that it gives us a chance to get to know some of the other families.  it’s hard to really make connections on sunday mornings, and since we live over an hour away, it is hard for us to join in many of the small group activities.  so in that sense, i am glad we decided to try it, and i hope we can stick with it (it’s a long commute on a week night).

here is the cool thing that happened….the facilitator, who is also the director of r.e., liked my drawing so much that she asked if i would be interested in illustrating a coloring book they want to create for the kindergarten class.  so that is pretty exciting!  nothing like a little validation to make a person feel better!

we have more homework for this week’s class.  this time we are to draw a family ritual (pertaining to bedtime, mealtime, or greetings).  i am immediately self-conscious about it, because i worry that we aren’t really doing it right.  we sleep with the baby in our bed and all three of us eat dinner in front of the tube.  i guess i should trust in the class convenant to refrain from being judgemental and just be myself.  i mean, i think i am raising a happy, healthy son, even if i don’t always do it by the book, and surely that’s the important thing.


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