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momentarily waylaid

So my dream of blogging hit a temporary snag. Mr perfect’s grand dad passed away and we headed to ft worth thinking the service would be yesterday. Somehow during the 5 hours we spent in the car it got moved … Continue reading

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fountains of cat pee

there has been a cat pee mystery going on in the house for a few weeks.  anonymous puddles of sometimes bloody cat pee have been appearing in random and inappropriate places. since we have two cats, i wasn’t initially certain … Continue reading

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it’s a great night for geeks

i was going to attempt a serious post today, but as my head is still jam-packed full of snot, i thought i would instead talk about how dang excited i am about what is on tv tonight! for a while … Continue reading

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sneezy snot snot snot

well, i think i am cool as a cucumber, and doing a good job at being a non-hysterical first time mom at almost 40…and then milo gets sick and i turn into a basket case!  i know that was a … Continue reading

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woolies on wordless wednesday

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family dynamics leads to opportunity

so, we are taking this class at our uu church called “evensong” for families.  i guess “evensong” is a curriculum they use a lot in uu churches, although i have never taken a class before.  probably i want to look … Continue reading

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