is it time yet for a twitter intervention?

When my buddy Wes first sent me a link to twitter, I really didn’t get it.  In fact, I am still not completely sure I do get it, but it’s got me!
I have become so greedy for new tweets, that I apparently refresh more often than allowed!  You would think that 100 times an hour would be sufficient, I mean who can really read that fast? (me, oh oh oh I can!)
Well, granted it was easier to keep up when I was only following a handful of people.  Now my numbers of followees has risen into the hundreds, as has, shockingly, the number of people following me!
While I don’t really understand how people are using twitter to increase their business…hold on, I guess I do see it on some level.  It seems to work for the etsy folks, who tantalize me all day with links to totally tempting handmade products that are hard to resist.  So I guess if the craft folk can target me as one of their own, and therefore a potential customer, other genres of commerce are doing the same…. well duh Laura.
Those who know me, probably realize that I am easily tempted by a cutely patterned and impressively absorbent cloth diaper, or a purple fuzzy felted purse.  But, I am proud to say that so far I have not purchased anything from a tweet!  That’s not to say I am not tempted. TheHouseofMouse has some ADORABLE felted mice available, many with a star wars flavor, and papermasks makes these really cute crocheted dragons.
This leads me to another question:  Has blogging become a business?  I understand using twitter or facebook to tempt readers to read what you spend time writing.  I am trying to analyze my personal reasons for blogging, and I don’t think they are financial in nature. I am more likely driven to forge some kind of a social network, to make up for the fact that it’s hard for me to find compatriots that are geographically convenient.  Perhaps other motives will unfold as my blog progresses.  This is, after all, only my second post.


About phrogmom

kind of eccentric artsy type raising two boys in texas.
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