I just wanted to share one more photo from last weekend. While Ryan and I were in the park sketching, we were of course drawn to the ducks and geese. I was sitting on the ground trying to sweet talk one into posing for me and the big feathery thing climbed right in my lap!! Clearly the squirt isn’t the only goose whisperer in the family :)

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bumps in the road


IMG_1143sometimes it seems that things are flowing smoothly, things falling into place, then BUMP! suddenly the squirm doesn’t want to go to school because he is “sick.” last week it was because the story of the week (little red riding hood) was too scary, and we were able to talk him through it and get him there. this morning, short of manhandling his shrieking body into the van, there was no reasoning with him. so here we are, home together. *sigh*

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20140413-094521.jpgSaturday morning my friend ryan and I went into one of the neighborhoods to paint by my dream house (it is a purple Victorian). I painted the century plant out front. I am shocked and pleased to announce that my painting of the plant won 5th place!!!
20140413-095003.jpg Entering the contest was a great experience. I spent time with other artists, and really challenged myself to step way out of my comfort zone. Winning an award, and selling six paintings, really boosted my confidence as well!!



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Painting the town


I am participating in a local plein air competition this weekend. I am sunburned and ready for day 2.


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on the road again…and again…and again…

IMG_1023sorry, it has been quiet around here!  we have survived the first two weeks of our austin trek.  i have been seeing a lot of this. <————————

the good news is that the squirt is totally content to ride the bus, and the squirm doesn’t seem to mind the early commute into town.  in fact, the person in our household having the most trouble with the transition is mandy.

on the first day she ate a set of mini blinds, on the second day she busted through a double panned glass window and showed up at the neighbors bleeding.

IMG_1027so i have also been seeing a lot of this ——>

i don’t feel comfortable leaving her at home.  she is taking a medication for dogs who have separation anxiety, but i don’t really know how to know whether or not it is working.  it wasn’t so bad the first week, because the weather was cool and cloudy, but it is starting to really warm up, so i am nervous about leaving her in the car. IMG_1028

so i have been doing a lot of this.  <——————- so that i can keep her cool as it gets closer to noon and the temperature slowly climbs.

the squirm is really loving the capitol school!  i don’t have a sense of whether they think he will be accepted into their full day program.

of course i worry myself sick (even though i know i shouldn’t) whenever they tell me it was a less than perfect school day.

i joined the ymca in town and have been going to spinning and yoga classes.  i also found some yummy restaurants and a great coffee shop.

we are still in a holding pattern on the squirt and his potential school.  i do think they will accept him for summer and next fall.  they have set up an appointment to observe the squirt in his current classroom, and hopefully we will be visiting William’s Community School again soon to meet with the Kinder teacher.  more updates soon!



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Wordless Wednesday: squirm selfie


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I don’t think we have enough stuffed animals.

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“ser·en·dip·i·ty: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for”

some of you probably remember me talking about how much i enjoyed the water-color classes i took last summer with ryan coover.  i have been hoping that he would teach again this summer, since it looks like i will be spending time in austin while the kids are in summer school.

i had a chance to touch base with him this past week, to encourage him to participate in a local plein air painting competition we have every year.  i have never been brave enough to participate, but this year i though, what the heck?

he agreed to join me and i jokingly wrote that while we were painting we could discuss what classes he might be teaching this summer.


sketch by ryan coover

it turns out he is starting a class next week (the squirm’s first week of school at the new school) that falls perfectly into my “in town” schedule.

it also falls perfectly into my new year’s resolutions, to do more drawing.  it also forces me to leave my artistic safety zone and work on something i have always really wanted to be able to do, but have been scared to really work on my own.  sketching from life.

so now i am really looking forward to this next phase of our lives.  i know the squirm is excited to start his new school, and now i have chance to learn and grow too.

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everything’s coming up roses and…

daffodils?  ok, it might not be as perfect as all that, but there is some good stuff going on.

IMG_0873the squirm got accepted to the capitol school!  not for kindergarten like we hoped, but for a half day program that focuses on intensive catching up and small ratios.  there are three boys in the class and two adults.  i am bummed that he needs to play catch up (bummed but not totally surprised), but glad that he has this amazing opportunity to be in a better situation for learning and growth.  he starts the monday after spring break, so he got sprung early from his non-preferred old school and ran errands with my mom and i yesterday.

we toured the william’s community school last week with mr p’s parents and really liked it.  i turned in applications there this past week (definitely for the squirt and maybe even for the squirm if things don’t work out at the capitol school.  with spring break starting today, i am sure we won’t hear anything from this this week, but my fingers and toes are crossed that they might have an opening open up this semester, and if not they might have a couple of openings in their summer program.  mr p and i both really liked the director and she did an excellent job allaying our anxieties about aba therapies.  i hope we get a chance to get more involved with her and with the school.

but, until that happens, i’ll be putting my little squirt on the school bus here in the mornings, before driving the squirm to austin.  the half day thing works out pretty well right now, because it gets us back to austin around 2:00 and we can pick up the squirt and head home!



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on my honor…

IMG_0862after the craziness of the last two weeks, i got a chance to relax a little and hang out with some local girl scouts.

some of you have heard me bemoan the fact that no girl kids means no girl scouts.  and no offense to the boy scouts out there, but girl scouts and boy scouts are two completely different animals.

fortunately my friend golden is a troop leader, and she invited me to get involved this past week.  the girls are designing and painting a garden mural this spring, and since i have done a few murals, she asked me to help out.

IMG_0864i was extremely impressed with these young ladies.  they all worked hard without a single complaint.  they were also amazingly polite.

we only got as far as the background, but i am looking forward to getting back together with the troop to finish up.

who knows, maybe i will get to be an honorary troop mom :)


was anyone else a girl scout?  i don’t remember loving it as a kid, probably because i was shy and feared the meetings, but i loved working at girl scout camp as a college student!

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